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May You And Yours Have A Wonderful Holiday Season.


      A Green Present

      A Red Present

      Red and Green Presents

      A Cute Angel

      Another Sweet Angel

      And May all Your Christmas' Be Bright

      Santa's Baby

      Rexy's Fireplace JPG

      Rexy's Fireplace

      Small Fireplace Gif

      Rexy's Fireplace Mantle

      Red Christmas Ball

      Small Green Present

      Santa and Tree

      A Candy Pole

      The Gals

      A Pretty Candle


      A Christmas Tree

      Garland Tree

      A Ball Tree

      Pine Tree

      Poinsettia Tree



      Rexy's Santa

      The Rose

      Another Santa

      Santa with Tree (small)

      Santa Framed

      Gif Tag

      Tree and Toys

      A Dove

      A Christmas Dove

      Holly Wreath

      A Poinsettia Wreath

      A Snow Wreath

      A Red Bow

      Bird House

      Christmas Lantern Lamp

      Rexy's Skimpy Tree

      Florida Santa1

      Florida Santa2

      Cute Bear in Hat

      Mouse in Lights

      Christmas Cross

      Christmas Snow Ball 1

      Christmas Snow Ball 2

      Christmas Snow Ball 3

      Christmas Snow Ball 4

      Robin and Christmas Tree

      Rexy's Snow Family

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      Please do not modify or change my graphics or include in any collection. You are invited to enjoy my graphics and if gifs you may link through the holiday season. Happy Holidaze!

      The link back to my site is index.html You may either use the wording Happy Holidaze from Rexy or the following Stamps

      ©Rexy 1998-2000